about us

Welcome to the INTIŚ website. The mission of the Institute consists in the in the identification of innovative solutions in environmental engineering and supporting their commercialization. The Institute of New Technologies in Environmental Engineering is a unit which was founded in result of the need to assume a broader perspective in this area of science. INTIŚ is a private, autonomous scientific, research and business organization whose functioning is based on the principles of’ ‘SPIN OUT’ institutions offering most profitable ways of commercializing scientific ideas. The institute takes advantage of its own as well as academic research potential and focuses on the commercialization and implementation of innovative scientific solutions in the area of environmental engineering. Apart from licensing scientific and engineering solutions, INTIŚ develops its own technologies and products on the basis of research. In our case, the synergy of science and business consists in the development of innovative processes. On the one hand, we do our best to identify and define gaps for innovation in environmental engineering and on the other, we motivate and encourage Polish scientists to fill such gaps.